G Switch

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The gameplay of G Switch

G Switch is a thrilling running game as well as the first version of this series. Alter the gravity to run on two parallel roads and jump over obstacles.

Join the running race

A friend of a little runner challenged him to run on the most challenging racetrack in the city. As a thrill-seeker, the little runner accepts this challenge to prove that he is the best runner. This racetrack has two parallel roads. As the man wears special running shoes, he can change the gravity to run on these parallel paths. All you need to do is to help the runner switch the gravity in time to evade obstacles and leaps along the way. Obstacles like high walls and buzzsaws will stop you from running further. If you cannot overcome these walls, you will disappear from the screen and the game is over. Moreover, if you do not change the gravity on time and fall off the racetrack, you will also lose. Therefore, it is important to click the left mouse button in time to jump over them.

During the running race, you will see many laser columns which play as checkpoints. These checkpoints will assist in saving your progress. For example, if you fall off the racetrack and disappear from the screen, you will return to the nearby checkpoint that you have just gone through. Furthermore, the arrow symbols on the road will make your speed increase dramatically.

At the end of the game, you will see the sentences at the bottom right of the screen. "And so he ran. From the unknown. From his destiny. But what seemed like a game. Was slowly consuming him. Would he ever find peace? So he kept running and running. And pressing his switch. With wonder what could lie ahead. Nobody knew. But he would keep running. As long as he could. Go a little switch man, go!" It means that you have already reached the finish line and the game ends.

How to control

Press the Enter key to start the running race.

PLAYER 1: Use an X key to change the gravity.

PLAYER 2: Use a Tab key to change the gravity.

PLAYER 3: Use an M key to change gravity.

PLAYER 4: Use a 3 key to change the gravity.

PLAYER 5: Use the right arrow key to change the gravity.

PLAYER 6: Use a Ctrl key to change the gravity.

All game modes in G Switch

One impressive feature of this game is the game modes that are available for you to choose and play. Here is the list of the game modes and their principles. You should read them carefully to make sure that you understand the playing rules before playing the game.

Campaign Mode

This game mode has only one level and one map. The racetrack at this level is not endless, instead, it has a finish line. If you can reach this finish line, you will win the level in this mode. However, remember that the road to the finish line is not easy. If you can cross the finish line in this mode, there is no doubt that you are the best runner.

Multiplayer Mode

 multiplayer mode in g switch

Playing this game with your friends must be an interesting playing experience. So, why don't you invite your friends to play with you now? Note that this mode allows up to 6 players to play it on the same devices without using the gamepad. In this mode, you and the other 5 players have to race. If the players disappear from the screen, they will be eliminated. The last survivor who is still running on the racetrack will become the winner. The leaderboard will be presented after the game is over. When looking at this leaderboard, you can know your rank and score. Play the mode and let's see whether you can defeat your friends and get the first rank on the leaderboard or not.

Endless Mode

Unlike the racetrack in the Campaign Mode, the racetrack in this mode has no finish line. It means that you can spend all day running on the racetrack. However, the developer added more obstacles to the racetrack and removed all checkpoints in this mode. This makes the mode more challenging. If you are confident in your running skill and dodging skills, challenge yourself with this mode. Keep in mind that you have to return to the starting point if you fall off the racetrack or disappear from the screen. Therefore, be careful at all times.

Pro strategies to beat G Switch

Try not to go through arrow symbols

When you run over arrow symbols, your speed will rise considerably. This will increase the difficulty of the game because it is hard to take control of a fast runner. You must have quick reflexes and fingers if you want to guide the runner to overcome obstacles while running at a fast speed. Additionally, there is no time limit in this game. For those reasons, in my opinion, don't be fooled to utilize the arrow symbols to accelerate your speed. Instead, you should avoid them if you can. This will help you reach the finish line safely without dying.

Invert the gravity as soon as you see obstacles

Some players often change their gravity when they hit obstacles. However, I affirm that it was a foolish act as it will make you die anytime. For me, you should alter the path as soon as you see the obstacles. This will give you more time to plan for your next moves.

Appealing things of G Switch

All achievements

Another interesting feature of this game is its achievements. In this game, you have to complete 7 achievements. There is no list of achievements in this game. The achievements will emerge at the top of the screen when you accomplish them. If you want to know what these achievements are, here is the list of achievements in the game.

  • 3rd Checkpoint: You need to cross the third checkpoint along the way to get this achievement.
  • Perfect Run: Let's reach the finish line without dying in order to gain this achievement.
  • Endless 1000: You must earn 1000 points in endless mode if you want to get this achievement.
  • Endless 5000: If you can play an endless mode and earn 5000 points, you will gain this achievement.
  • 5th Checkpoint: Attempt to go through the fifth checkpoint along the way if you want to earn this achievement.
  • Endless 3000: If you want to get this achievement, you need to play the endless mode and attempt to gain 3000 points.
  • Finish Play Mode: If you can conquer all tracks in the Campaign Mode, this achievement will be unlocked.

Creator And Platform

This game was made by Serius Games who is a Portuguese developer. It was released in 2010 and is playable on both PC and mobile devices. As the game attracts millions of players, the developer decided to launch the second and third versions. Now the third version is considered to be the most famous version of this series. What are the reasons behind its popularity?

G Switch 3

G Switch 3 is the third chapter of the G-Switch series which offers more maps. Continue to run on parallel paths at a fast speed and meet an enigmatic person.

All levels

Although this new version still has three game modes, it has more levels. Specifically, you need to complete three levels in three maps in this game.

  • At Level 1, you need to join a running race in the Lime Cityscape. At the end of this level, you will meet an enigmatic person. He challenges you to beat the next set of challenges.
  • At level Level 2, you will run on a Red Giant map. In this map, the runner can be cloned into two people. Therefore, you need to take control of two runners to run on parallel paths and overcome obstacles. If one of the runners falls off the racetrack, you will lose. Actually, it is difficult for you to guide two runners to run at the same time, so you need to master skills and utilize your quick reflex to beat this level. Before moving to the third level, you will meet this mysterious person again. He feels that you are too arrogant and bets that you cannot beat the final challenge.
  • At level 3, the map is named Purple Dream as the sky is romantically purple in color. The track in this level is more dangerous than this in the previous levels. You can easily realize that the number of obstacles will increase considerably, so you can crash into them at any time. Moreover, the runner will run at a breakneck speed. Therefore, you can lose if you do not react quickly. Can you beat this final challenge? Note that in this level, you can collect the orbs to unlock new characters.