Kitten Hide And See

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About Kitten Hide And Seek

Kitten Hide And Seek is a game of hide and seek between a giant cat and a little girl. Help the girl hide in a secret place to avoid getting caught by the cat.

You've seen the cartoon series about little girls just the size of the palm of your hand. Right now, you will see those characters in this game. She was a very shy girl. The little girl ran and hid and trembled again under the pursuit of a greedy and dirty fat cat.

The chase begins

Block the arduous road

You will manipulate the girl to start the game and the chase begins. Because her body is as small as a mouse. The cat loves to play with the little girl. The evil cat will appear whenever it wants. She will have to run on a table full of scattered items everywhere such as sunflower seed chopsticks, and red envelopes, ... These items are bigger than her body. Besides, there will be many useful items such as cookie boxes, cake steaming cages, lucky fortune bags, and dumpling plates,... It can be used to hide from the cat. The road to the destination is not long. In the end, there will always be a delicious plate of chicken, pudding, etc. waiting for you.

Watch out for puddles that can slow your movement speed. You can use help icons like:

  • Winged shoes: increase her movement speed
  • Bluewater bottle: makes you invisible to the scary gaze of the cat

The help can be reused after you see the ad. Advertising will also make you more money.

Where the girl lives?

With such a small body, what areas can she live in? It was a small tree house. The house will be empty without anything. After each level, the girl will bring her collected achievements as gold coins to her tree house to be able to buy decorations for herself and her house. You can buy yourself new tiny outfits. Or you can buy items such as doors, lights, beds, fireplaces,... to create more comfort for your home.


Use the mouse to manipulate in the game