Kingmaker Academy: Warrior's Duels

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About Kingmaker Academy: Warrior's Duels

Kingmaker Academy: Warrior's Duels is a duel of warriors. In the royal academy, they will be trained to increase their fighting power to protect the king.

The battles will be played in the form of representing cards. The cards will represent your character and the same for your opponent. The features of the cards are not many. So upgrading the cards should also use your wisdom to achieve the highest efficiency.

Rules of playing cards

Character Abilities

At each level, you will fight with different characters. Next to the character's card are the data levels that show the character's ability stats:

  • Circle box: shows your number of attacks in turn
  • Heart-shaped box: shows your life and how many times you can take the next attack
  • Shield box: shows your defense count

These stats can increase or decrease depending on your moves.

The ability of the cards

In battle, you will always be the first to play cards. More or less turns will be decided by the above stat. Cards can be upgraded to higher levels. The cards will have different abilities:

  • Attack: Attack
  • Fury: Accumulate energy. You can see on your character's card that when "Fury"'s mana level is full you can increase the attack from "Attack" card to x2.
  • Shield: Increases Defense Stats
  • Disarm: Reduces opponent's attack stats

The other opponents will also be very strong so be careful when dealing with them. Raise the morale as well as the fighting power of the cards. You will probably become the leader of this academy in the not-too-distant future. Try to practice your fighting skills more firmly.


Use the mouse to control the game