Tower Match

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About Tower Match

Tower Match is an attractive click game. Your ultimate goal is to build a tower with great height right now to earn as many gold coins as possible.

The playing rules

Entering the game you will be familiar with the blocks like bricks. The nature of these bricks is always moving from left to right and vice versa. Your mission clicks in time so that these bricks match the original brick. If the bricks are together with a larger length, you will have more opportunities to build a higher tower. The higher the blocks will be, the faster the speed of the moving blocks will be faster. Try to focus to overcome the difficult period and achieve the highest score.

The playing rules

This is a game checking your reaction speed. So you need to correct the click time correctly. After each click will decide whether your building is solid or not.

Upgrade in the game

In each game you will collect a large amount of gold. Please accumulate to open great upgrades in the game.

  • Start Boost: Increase the height of the tower
  • Double Coins: x2 gold coins
  • Extra Width: Support to increase the width of the tower

To play Tower Match

Use the mouse to click to complete the tower with massive architecture. Join the game right now and practice a more sensitive click speed.

Click Speed.