Slope 3

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Description of the Slope 3 game

Slope 3 is an endless 3D running game with simple controls, fast speeds, and addictive action.

This game is different from the G Switch game where you try to get the character to run as far as possible in a zero-gravity environment. Slope 3 again provides a running environment for the ball character. The game only involves controlling the ball and guiding it through the maze and avoiding the obstacle. This course has no stages. Stay in play to score high. Play over and over again to conquer the running game. This fast-paced platform game with many obstacles and surprises may improve your reflexes and responses.

Gameplay and rules

Players control a ball rolling down a never-ending slope in Slope 3. The ball moves at an increasing speed, and players must navigate it avoiding obstacles without falling off the slope. To avoid obstacles, players must shift the ball left or right. The game's basics are simple: keep the ball on the slope as long as possible while earning points and power-ups. Players can also compete online for the highest score.


  • Stunning graphics in three dimensions using neon. These neon effects combined with the fast running speed of the ball will provide you with a refreshing yet challenging experience.
  • Continually shifting mountain slopes make the game more and more difficult.
  • There is a multitude of insane and difficult challenges, including moving obstructions, perilous tunnels, and lethal walls.
  • The top players are listed on the leaderboard. Compare your score with their score to see where your ability is and try to get a higher score. The goal is 1st place on that leaderboard.
  • Full-screen mode is available. With this mode, you will feel like you are playing this game directly.

Some common questions of the game

Is there an end to Slope 3?

This running game does not have any stages or endpoints. The only thing you need to care about it is trying to get the ball to go as far as possible.

When is the release date of slope 3?

In September 2021, the game is officially launched in the gaming community. It became one of the most loved games in the list of slop and run games. Players access this game on any smart device and compete against each other to find the best players. To this day, it is still on everyone's list of favorite games.

Who can play this game?

Slope 3 is designed to be suitable for any player regardless of age and gender. No matter who you are or where you are, you can enjoy this game with an internet-connected smart device.