Drift Boss

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About Drift Boss

Instruction to play

The famous drift game called Drift Boss requires players to control a drift car for as long as possible on a winding road. The farther the car drifts, the more points you get. However, if your drift car moves off this path, the game will not be able to continue. That's why, when you're navigating your car around bends, you always have to keep an eye on your vehicle to make sure it doesn't drift off this floating road.

At the beginning of your drifting journey, you will find that your main task will be to navigate the car through the bends safely. Besides, you will also collect coins during the journey. The more coins you collect, the higher you will be on the leaderboard of the best players of this game. The game will get harder as you progress. Obstacles will appear. You must try to avoid these obstacles while still completing the above tasks.

How seriously you score high and conquer this game is a difficult question. Playing Drift Boss helps you practice your reaction ability while you are in a relaxed state. Conquer each road in this game and get great rewards. After conquering this game, go to another special environment. A zero gravity environment in G Switch game to experience.

Developer and Release Date

Drift Boss was created by MarketJS. This game was made available for the first time on the internet on November 29, 2019.

How to control a boss car

Click right and release left to move. Your mouse or touchscreen can control your car.

  • PC: Left mouse button or space bar to drift right, release to go left.
  • Mobile: Touch the screen to drift right, and release to go left.

Advice for players to win the Drift Boss game

  • To avoid falling into space, you must predict road direction changes.
  • Turning corners requires precision.
  • Time's crucial. Crab safety requires timing. Too early or late direction changes have negative effects.
  • You try to control your car moving in the middle of the road. That would be better, especially when you try to redirect the car.

Great features of Drift Boss that you have to know

  • Activate booster to make your run easier: The game offers 3 boosters including Double Score, Car Insurance, and Coin Rush to help players have the best experience.
  • Gameplay tutorial course: It's great that the game offers a tutorial course to play this game. Anyone who joins this game will go through this course. This tutorial is very easy and sure that it will never affect your playing experience.
  • Daily Reward: This is an interesting feature of this game. You play it every day to get the rewards.