G-Switch 3

73 votes 2.5/5

Description of G-Switch 3

As you probably already know, G-Switch 3 is an exciting zero-gravity run game that's improved from the original G-Switch game. From the reviews and comments of players in the previous two versions, G Switch and G-Switch 2, this improved version is upgraded in terms of graphics, gameplay speed, and more. Surely it will bring you the best experience you have never had.

Instruction to play

Accept the online challenge of G-Switch 3 to become the master of your environment and don't just stand there doing nothing! You and up to seven of your pals can compete against one another in the game's Multiplayer mode, or you can compete against the computer in the Endless or Campaign modes. Try to make it through a maze that's full of dangerous traps by moving between several levels (walls, floors, and ceilings). You may test your skills by playing G-Switch 3 for free to see if you have what it takes.


Serious Games, based in Portugal, is the studio responsible for developing G-Switch 3.


Press and hold the left mouse button or any key on the keyboard to switch.

Other interesting things about the game

  • A challenging single-player mode with 30 checkpoints in 3 different worlds.
  • Just need one touch from your left-click, spacebar, or touchscreen, and you can control your character.
  • Local tournaments with up to four people on one device.
  • Tournaments can be played against as many as six computer opponents at a time.
  • In Endless mode, try to beat your best score and get 12 secret orbs to unlock new characters.

Tips for players to play the game

  • You can play multiplayer games against actual humans or computer-controlled opponents.
  • It is preferable to make a switch just before an impediment rather than after you have already collided with it.
  • You can choose to play with either the mouse or the keyboard. Discover what works best for you!