G-Switch 2

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How the game works

Following the success of the G Switch game, Serius Games and Vasco Freitas which is the developer of this game have released a second part called G-Switch 2. In this second part, you will have an interesting and novel experience that you will never get in the first part.

How to play

Have you ever experienced zero gravity? Would you like to experience moving in that environment? G-Switch 2 would be great for you because it's a zero-gravity designed environment. Your task is to move as far as possible and achieve the highest score among the people participating in this game.

You can compete against the computer in single-player mode, or you can recruit some buddies to compete online (up to 8 players on a Desktop). As you change gravity to avoid obstacles and gaps, you should make an effort to sprint as far as you can. You should strive to earn the highest score possible so that you can prove to everyone that you are the best gravity switcher there is.

How to control

You can alter the gravity by clicking or tapping. Control of the game can be shared between players. With each click or tap, your character will jump and the gravity shoe you wear will help you stick to the track. Control flexibly to be able to avoid all obstacles on the way.

Great things about G-Switch 2

  • A difficult single-player mode with 30 checkpoints spread out over 3 unique worlds.
  • Easy controls with a single tap.
  • Local four-player multiplayer tournaments on a single device.
  • Compete in tournaments against a maximum of six computer opponents.
  • Aim to outperform your previous score in Endless mode.
  • The new clone mode allows you to control two characters at once.
  • Compile 12 hidden orbs to access new characters.

Some questions about the game

What is the game's release date?

This game was officially released on March 3, 2017, and has now been released with improved versions. Currently, this game has been improved 3 times and the 4th part is expected to be released in the near future.

What is the end of the game?

It can be said that this game is considered an endless game because no player has discovered the endpoint of this game.