EvoWorld io

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The ultimate information of EvoWorld io

The multiplayer survival game that is currently known as EvoWorld io was formerly known as FlyOrDie io. You begin the game as a young fly and gain levels as you consume more food. As you level up, you will begin to consume other players as part of your diet. At each new level, you will gain a new unique power as well as access to a greater variety of foods. The decision is straightforward: either you Fly or you Die!

The rule of the game

Consume the foods and animals that have a green outline. Stay away from the animals that have a red outline because they will eat you! You will be pitted against hundreds of other players in a struggle for your own existence. Therefore, it is imperative that you remain mobile and consume food consistently. You'll need plenty of water to survive, so keep an eye on how much you have left in your supply. Oxygen is also an element that you cannot ignore. All animals need oxygen to live. Therefore, you need to be careful to pay attention to oxygen and water bar while playing.

Developer and release date

Pixel Voice is responsible for the development of EvoWorld io, which was once known as FlyOrDie. The developer launched this game in April 2018.


  • 45 kinds of animals are provided in this game and you can experience them when you are playing the game. They are a fly, a bee, a bird, and more.
  • You control your character to fly and discover different environments such as the sky or underground.
  • Like G Switch, the game provides the feature of multiplayer. You enjoy this game with thousands of players from all over the world in this multiplayer io game.
  • Simple control with left-click and WASD. In specific, you click the left mouse button to help your character fly higher and higher. Use WASD to navigate your character to move around.

Special Abilities

As you progress through the game, you'll discover that each animal has its own one-of-a-kind ability. You can advance through the game more quickly by taking advantage of that special talent. You'll have what's known as "beginner's luck" as you begin your life as a fly. This provides you a fifty percent chance of avoiding an assault from a predator. Make effective use of the extraordinary skills at your disposal.

Game Levels

There are 45 unique animals and 8 different stages of evolution to discover in EvoWorld. You begin the game as a lowly fly and must eventually battle your way through the animal world.

After you have finished with the regular creatures, you will encounter supernatural beings such as demons, mythological beasts, cosmic forces, and the undead. The Grim Reaper sits at the very pinnacle of the food chain and is equipped with a scythe to bring down its victims.

EvoWorld io features a wide variety of distinct biomes. Each one features an entirely unique panorama all to itself. There is a wide variety of prey to be found across the map; therefore, you shouldn't be afraid to venture off into the unknown and see what you can find.