Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

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About Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is a fierce underwater battle between bloodthirsty sharks to win a powerful position under the deep ocean. Eat other fish and become the biggest shark in the water adventure. The last shark will win! Hunt and develop your shark to become the largest predator at sea. Overcoming and destroying other players and leading the food chain. You can survive in the danger of a cruel underwater arena.

You not only fight to become the winner in the game but also to survive deep water. The excitement begins as soon as you are dropped in the water. You are both a hunter and a hunter in this game. You can eat smaller fish to grow up but need to avoid larger fish and your opponent so as not to drop.

On the other hand, you will only be warned that you need to be big if you try to eat something you can't eat, what will not harm you, unlike your opponent. You can always check your growth from the indicator on your fish head. For each game, you will earn some money. You should use those coins to unlock different types of fish at better speed, faster tuberculosis range, and the speed of labor like the speed from Brawlers, Hunters, or Chargers. Check the strength of the fish before starting and acting wise while trying to become the last opponent to stand.

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Controls in game

The game is easy to control on all platforms through the use of mice. You can complete the game excellently.