Battle for the Galaxy

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About Battle for the Galaxy

The Battle for the Galaxy is based on the most popular science fiction games. You must build and grow your base and military force until they are strong enough to attack enemies, steal resources, protect your base, and win medals. It's a great choice for free browser-based games because it has great 3D graphics and music.

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy is perfect for gamers who like to build epic planetary castles and armies strong enough to destroy huge enemy settlements in seconds. You can play this very fun game for free in your web browser without having to sign up for anything. Be a Commander and be in charge of your star fleet.


To make a strong space force, you need a strong base. It's just as important to protect your assets as it is to attack. In Battle for the Galaxy, you can build and improve more than 20 buildings. You can build walls, bunkers, tesla buildings, and other futuristic defenses with huge effects to protect your base.

There are many military buildings where you can make things and improve your skills. For example, the Tech Lab creates new technologies that make your troops' attacks more powerful. Build a Corporate HQ and you'll be able to apply for a corporation. Once you're in a corporation, you can ask the company for forces directly. You can not only ask for troops, but you also get several boosts that help you move through the game faster.


Battles are the only way to move forward, and they are very fun. Fighting other players will not only help you level up, but it will also give you a chance to steal their Titanium, which is the most important cash in Battle for the Galaxy. Around your base, there are buildings where you can put your Titanium.


  • Join businesses with other people
  • Great images, sound effects, and music in 3D
  • Build, grow, and make plans
  • Cross-platform games that are free to play
  • 50 tasks for a single player


  • Web browser
  • Android and iOS


Left-click buildings and objects to interact.
Left-click to deploy troops during battle.