100 Doors: Escape Room

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About 100 Doors: Escape Room

On our website, the online escape room game known as 100 Door: Escape Room is going to be one of the most intriguing and extensive escape room games featuring riddles. Because, as the name suggests, you have 100 doors to unlock, which means you have 100 rooms to escape from using only your intelligence and logic, which we want you to do right now and then we'll tell you how to do it!

Playing the online version of our 100 Doors Escape Room will give you firsthand experience of what it has to offer.

The way to escape from the room

In order to unlock the doors, you will need to use the mouse to manipulate the different latches, keys, and other hidden objects that you may come across, and then use these items. As you make your way deeper into the English palace, the puzzles you need to solve to get out of there will become increasingly challenging. At the conclusion of each stage, a different door will become available for you to exit through.

You are unable to exit the chamber until you have first entered it, so work through the challenges that each level presents to you in order to unlock the doors, and see if you are able to complete all one hundred of the levels. Are you ready? You should get started right away, and if you like what you see, you should remain around for more of the same because it's only possible here!


  • Determine the solution to the riddle that surrounds Lord Kelly's inheritance;
  • Take in all of the breathtaking sights;
  • Solve challenges on unique, non-repetitive levels;
  • Find hidden treasures;
  • Dozens of fascinating responsibilities to take on, as well as extraordinary challenges to surmount.

How to play

  • The goal of the game is to solve all of the puzzles and gain access to all of the areas that are closed down. In order to make it through all of the levels, you will need to engage both your creative and logical sides of your brain.
  • When playing a game on a mobile device, you can take control of it by pressing and swiping the various on-screen elements of the game.
  • Using the left mouse button on the computer to manipulate the various aspects of the game