100 Doors Game - Escape from School

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About 100 Doors Game - Escape from School

We double-dog dare you to accept this new challenge: in order to exit this institution, you have to unlock one hundred doors. Best of luck! Find items that have been hidden, solve difficult riddles, and ultimately make your way out of the room in the brand new 100 Doors Game - Escape from School Games installment, Escape from School. This room escape game is simple to understand and play, but escaping may prove to be an extremely difficult task! Hence, increase your intellectual capability while you're having fun.

This game with one hundred doors is difficult enough that only the most astute players will be able to complete it successfully. Which group or community do you consider to be your own, and why? By downloading and playing this free school escape game, you can put your friends to the test to see who can open the most doors in the 100 Doors game. Whoever can do that will win the challenge.

Game Rules

You will become familiar with Mya, who is currently being held captive at a school; the reason for this will become apparent to you at the appropriate time. The primary objective of this challenge for the hundred doors game is to assist her in evading capture and locating the door leading outside of the chamber so that she may get back to her loved ones and the coziness of her bed at home. Find the buried artifacts, and then solve the difficult puzzles that accompany them, in order to unlock the door lock. After you have completed one of the requirements for escaping the school, which is unlocking 140 doors, you will be able to leave the room. We have you covered in the event that you are unable to finish the task on your own; the hints are quite helpful, and you are free to use them whenever you think it would be appropriate to do so.

Every of the riddles in 100 Doors Games: Escape from School are unique from one another, and as you go through the game, they become increasingly difficult.

This is one of those challenging room escape games, so you won't want to miss out on the chance to put your mental skills to the test and see how well you can conquer challenges by playing 100 Doors Games: Escape from School. In the meantime, go ahead and install it, and see if it helps you open any of the locks.


Make use of the mouse.