Air Wars 3

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About Air Wars 3

The objective of the Air Wars 3 game is to triumph over your opponents in a fierce air battle and capture their base. This huge 3D fight game puts you in the middle of a raging battle in the air, and your goal is to top the leaderboard.

How to Play

As soon as you know how to fly, you can attack enemy planes and take their flag. There are a lot of 3D maps to discover, take over, and control.

Game Progression

In Air Wars 3, there are a number of prizes that you can use to fix up your plane. You can see how you're doing by looking at the leaderboards. As you play more games and win, you'll gain new planes as you move through the levels, so be ready to put in a little more effort than you thought. Any plane, including the one you start with, can be upgraded with things like speed and weapon power.


Web browser

Release Date

February 2020


  • Easy to figure out how to use
  • Great images in 3D
  • As you win more games, you can get new planes.
  • Upgrade your planes to get an edge


  • Aim/shoot with mouse.
  • Right-click or C to cockpit view.
  • S slows.
  • W increases speed.
  • AD or left/right arrows turn.
  • Esc to menu.
  • P toggles enhanced graphics.