Angry Shark: Miami

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About Angry Shark:Miami

He's skinny, mean, and has a terrible temper to top it all off! When you play Angry Shark: Miami, you'll be in the middle of a huge feeding frenzy!

Why does he act this way? Even though we can't say for sure, it's probably because he's dying of hunger right now. Oh, and there's also a small army of police officers looking for him. In this episode of Wild, Angry Shark, the big, angry guppy eats The Magic City. The Magic City, says Angry Shark.

The playing instruction

He will fill his almost limitless stomach with a lot of fish, a few private planes, and pretty much anything else that comes within 100 yards of him. Just be careful of all the mines and police helicopters that could kill you. Those are going to kill his appetite completely! Will you be able to help the shark turn the whole city into his own personal buffet before a bunch of rude people send him to the "Great Big Chum Bucket in the Sky"?

There are also achievements that can be earned and extra characters that the player can unlock. Find out what happens when the shark's even more angry sea friends come with him on his trip to Florida.

How do you play the Miami game "Angry Shark"?

You can really sink your teeth into this game of sharks. Help the Angry Shark eat everything he sees as he makes his way across Miami. Also, keep an eye on the blood pressure meter. His business will fail if he runs out of money!


  • To swim backward, use the left arrow.
  • Swim forward with the right arrow.
  • Use the up arrow to jump or swim.
  • Use the Down Arrow to dive or pull a plane.
  • Use the space bar to bite.