Sonic exe

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About Sonic exe

Sonic exe was changed to make Sadness. The main character of the game is the evil form of Sonic. Not only does the game have different graphics, sprites, and creepy sounds, but it also has more difficult level layouts, new game concepts, and so much more. Will you be able to beat all the levels as Sonic.EXE, the bad guy? Will you be able to protect the poor souls? Have fun and good luck!

To save game

Let's move your cursor over the game area. At the top of the game screen, there will be a button to save. When you click the "Save" button, the save code (spot) will be immediately stored in your browser's memory.

How to Load

If you want to continue from the last place you saved, just click "Load" when you come back. (If you haven't cleared the history of your computer)


  • To start the game, press the Z or ENTER key.
  • Use the left-right arrow keys How to get going
  • To sit down, press the Down Arrow Key.
  • To jump, press the Z or X key.
  • Hold down the left mouse button to look up.

Playable Platforms

Web devices

  • Desktop PCs
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets

If you're playing this game on your phone or tablet, please give it more time to load.


If you use the private mode of your computer, your saved state will be lost when you close it. If you want to use your saved state, don't use the private mode.