Bird Sort Puzzle

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The newest free arranging puzzle game is called Bird Sort Puzzle, and it has a colorful array of birds and a new aesthetic look. Playing Bird Sort will make you smile while enhancing your mental faculties. This hard and enjoyable matching game is a terrific method to develop your mental agility. Because it simply requires one finger to play, anyone of any age can pick it up and start playing. You will encounter a number of difficult stages as you go, which will challenge your mental strength. The free game Bird Sort gives users the option to take on a range of mentally challenging and amusing tasks.


  • Without limits on time! Enjoy using the Bird Sort Puzzle game without any restrictions.
  • Play is easy, but mastering it requires practice.
  • The categories that have the most effective music and graphics.
  • A creative twist on the traditional game of sorting, presented this time as a flying bird puzzle.
  • Enjoy solving moving bird puzzles as you progress through increasingly challenging and strategic levels.

How to play

  • The bird can be moved in the desired direction by pressing it, then pressing the branch to which it should fly.
  • Only if the birds are the same color and there is enough area on the tree branch for them, may they be relocated in line with the rules.
  • Do your best to stay out of any traps. If you get stuck, you can always restart the level by pressing the restart button or simply walk back a step at a time using the back button.