Butterfly Connect

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About Butterfly Connect

Butterfly Connect is a game that connects two identical butterfly wings to create a butterfly. The beauty on the wings of butterflies is extremely magical.

Butterflies come in many different varieties and colors. There are extremely rare species, species with shimmering colors, and transparent wings, .... Their wingspans also have extremely different differences. The beauty of butterflies is an art created by nature, let's see the butterflies in this game and admire that beauty.

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How to create butterflies

In the game are discrete butterfly wings. When there is a combination of 2 similar butterfly wings together, they will form a butterfly similar to the butterfly you have combined. The butterfly wings can only combine with each other when not obstructed by other butterfly wings. When you can't find the same butterfly wings, use the following supports:

  • Freeze time
  • Hint
  • Shuffle


  • Sharp images, attracting players
  • Exceptional smoothness when playing games
  • The gameplay is simple and easy to grasp


Use your mouse to select pairs of similar butterflies