Chess Online Multiplayer

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About Chess Online Multiplayer

Chess Online Multiplayer is a traditional classic game between chess matches. In the game, you will play with all players from many different countries.

Any game will have its own rules. For the chessboard, there are more rules. Mastering the rules and the king is the focus of the chessboard. Protect the king and have many smart and creative water to defeat the opponent gloriously.

There is a store in the game you can use gold coins to upgrade your chessboard through it. A professional player like you should deserve a splendid chessboard for you.

How to Play

Play with BOT to practice your natural abilities. There are many bots at many different difficulties for you to choose from. If you are not confident in yourself, you can practice first with the bot. You can defeat the bots easily when your level is improved.

Control the chess officials to the desired positions by using the left mouse.