Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure

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About Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure

Cook And Match: Sara's Adventure is a classic match 3 game genre. The appeal of the game is the refreshing visuals and colorful character storyline.

The game features The game is puzzle levels in which you need to help our chef girl complete her job. The game is a very familiar genre. We are sure that you can pass all levels in a very short time.

How to play the game?

Formula match 3 in the game

As well as other games of the same genre. Swap the positions of objects so that they can be combined into 3 identical parts. You can match 3 or more identical pieces. When you combine 4 or more parts, support items will appear: Bombs, Cannons, TNT, .... Match 5 L or T-shaped parts to create tomato bombs. You can also double-tap tomato bombs to activate them.

After each level you will come to the stage of decorating the room to prepare tonight's party for your guests. Use the fire of the professional chef received after each level to upgrade the items in the room, decorating it to become more gorgeous.

Features of the game

  • The game can work on any platform.
  • No need to download and completely free
  • Have cards to play anytime, anywhere


Use the mouse to control the game