Diamond Rush 2

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About Diamond Rush 2

In this game, as in Diamond Rush 2, your objective is to beat the clock while destroying the maximum number of diamonds. However, this time around, you have up to 15 Levels to complete and up to 5 Planets to explore. The further you progress, the more challenging it will become, so strive to acquire the highest combo you can! In Diamond Rush 2, you'll need to make strategic plans to become a true Jewel crazy.

The rules in game

Just swipe diamonds to match at least three of the same colour. Higher, better! Different gems are given for amounts over three.
Four consecutively gets you a bomb jewel that explodes when coupled with others of the same colour. Five gives you a universal super amazing mega jewel that can smash all jewels of one colour on the playfield. Swipe a coloured diamond to destroy it. Swipe and smash jewels in an "L" or "T" shape to gain an electric jewel, which destroys all cross-shaped jewels.

Release Date

June 2022

Last Updated

Oct 31, 2022


Web browser


Use the left mouse button to swap the jewel.