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About Drawaria.online

Drawaria.online is an online painting game. You can draw anything you can think of. You can play this game with many other players from all over the country.

Drawaria.online is a creative playground. It can simply be a drawing board or a place to create picture puzzles. A synthetic playground of many players at the same time. Or you can create a playroom for a small number or just for you.

Draw art in the game

The game does not have other supporting tools such as Photoshop or other specialized painting applications. But its entertainment purpose is very artistic, if you know how to use simple strokes, you can get a rich variety of pictures.

Language in the game

There are 3 default languages in the game that you can choose from:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Play offline or you can log in with your Google or Facebook account to make more friends.

Playroom creation function

Before creating a room, you can install some information and players to suit your playing needs such as:

  • Public room or private room (Players can enter the room by invitation link only)
  • Room type: Playground, Playground / Stencil, Playground / Algorithmic Tools, Playground / Pixel Art.
  • Number of players in the room
  • Reset the page after how much time?
  • Size of the brushstrokes

Turn on or off a few other modes:

  • Show player names on the canvas
  • Can vote to get the final result instead of drawing lots
  • Avatars can be spawned on canvas
  • Room Name / Description

Become a talent with just simple and basic strokes. Or become the top of the list of guessing objects. We're sure you'll enjoy your drawing.


Use the mouse to control and draw