Dumb Ways to Die Original

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About Dumb Ways to Die Original

See how the characters in Dumb Ways to Die Original first met their end! The first installment in the critically acclaimed video game series features a wide cast of memorable characters and hilarious backstories to keep players engaged throughout the game's many challenging stages. Are you ready to investigate your potential deaths?

The objective of this game, much like those of the other titles in the series, is to ensure that all of your characters remain alive. The mechanics of this game make it simple to keep an eye on these peculiar characters. Only a mouse is needed to really play the game. You should begin by selecting play from the primary menu. You have to move quickly if you want to protect your character, who enjoys taking risks. From scar care to the annihilation of space rocks, you will encounter a variety of risks and challenges. Every time you fail, you lose one of your three lives. Earn points to unlock other characters. Have fun in your game!


Market JS created Dumb Ways To Die Orginal.

Date of Publication

September 23, 2019


  • Colorful 2D photos
  • Some amusing animated shorts
  • There are a lot of challenging tasks to complete.
  • Many characters that have been unlocked
  • Intuitive controls
  • Gaming that is both amusing and enjoyable


It is operated with the mouse.