Electron Dash

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Get ready to play the Electron Dash game where you can experience fast-paced racing. This game won't let you down because of what it has to offer. You get a fantastic experience from each game feature. You may have already seen one of these things in another game you've played. But it's rare to find a game with all of these interesting features. Come play the game and enjoy these interesting benefits for yourself.

Description of Electron Dash

Instruction to play

This game has a genre and gameplay quite similar to the G Switch game as they are considered endless games. The goal of both games is to control your character to overcome obstacles to go as far as possible. Obstacles will appear throughout the game responsible for making your journey more difficult. If you want to go far and get high scores in this game, you must have good reflexes. Try to overcome all challenges and conquer the game. Have a great time!


Electron Dash is one of the Ultra Premium games of MarketJS which is enriching millions of internet users in the term of entertainment with next-generation immersive 3D games.


  • Avoiding the obstacles with the left and right arrows. Your character will move left and right when you press these control.
  • Press the arrow key, Space Bar, or W key to jump.

Some of the things that make this running game stand out

  • The simple way to play the game
  • The attractive and addictive gameplay
  • The images and effects are great
  • Single player mode

Tips and tricks to play

  • Electron Dash is a tough game when red walls are everywhere. Avoiding them is your quest to get the name on the leaderboard.
  • Platforms have different-shaped holes. Pay attention to the light blue platforms because it's easy to be broken.
  • Game difficulty has a rule like the G Switch game. Travel again in this game, red hearts block is the thing you should collect. These red hearts can help you revive at the position you have just died.
  • This game's pilot moves and jump properly to reach goals safely. Use solid platforms instead of light blue ones. Jumping and sidestepping assist you overcome obstacles. Running further complicates the game. The tube is trickier.