Fantasy Merger

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About Fantasy Merger

The most engaging aspects of role-playing games, fantasy games, and collectible card games have been combined in the amusing management game known as Fantasy Merger. Your primary objective is to do everything in your power to ensure the survival of your hero card while also engaging in combat with hazardous enemy monsters and reducing them to mincemeat with your lightning-fast and devastating strikes.

Combine swords of the same type to cause them to evolve, use healing potions to increase your health bar, and get ready for a fight that's going to be challenging yet exhilarating! To achieve success as quickly as possible, it is necessary to brutally murder your rivals, eliminate them from the game, amass a large sum of money, and continue to combine comparable components. Are you prepared to take on the role of the most valiant hero that this realm has ever known? I hope you succeed...

Who was the genius behind Fantasy Merger?

This game was created by Dedra Games, which is also the publisher.


Use the mouse