Find Cat

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About Find Cat

This cute cat likes to go exploring, and one of his favorite things to do is hide. Can you find him for his owner in the game Find Cat?

He has a lot of places to hide around their house, but there's a good chance he'll sneak into other places, especially when it's time to take him to the vet for his next checkup. In this cat game, you go with his owner as she looks for him. She will have to use tools and look for other things to get him out of some really scary situations.

Do you like games with puzzles and games with cats? If so, you should also try Find Cat 2.

How to Play

Find Cat is a hidden object game in which you help a girl look for her lost cat. He likes to hide in lots of different places. In each level, she will need your help to find the tools and items she needs to get him back.


Find Cat was made by ConchGame, which is a game company that also made Poly Art 3D. They also made Find Cat 2, which is the sequel to Find Cat.


Find goods and tools with the mouse.
Left-click to save the girl's kitty.