Fish Eat Fish

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About Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is a game in the genre of big fish eating small fish. In the ocean, there are harsh laws of survival. Help fish grow faster. Adapt to this life!

The deep ocean world is a mystery that always challenges human curiosity. Only big fish can survive here. Eat a lot to grow faster. That's what a fish is supposed to do.

Game Rules


You will be the smallest fish when starting the process of surviving in the sea. In the sea, there are very small, pretty, and lovely species. Besides, there are also extremely large and vicious species. Eat fish that you find smaller than you. They will be the first prey for your fish to grow.

Don't rush to eat bigger fish just because you want to grow up faster. Your fish will probably lose their lives mercilessly. Can be played by many players at the same time, so there will be mutual support. Please share the game to have more fun moments with your friends


  • Seeing many fishes in the sea
  • Beautiful pictures, funny
  • Can be played by 3 people at the same time


  • Player 1: Use the ARROW keys to move the fish
  • Player 2: Use AWSD keys to move fish
  • Player 3: Use the mouse to move fish