Fish Story

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About Fish Story

Fish Story is an enjoyable puzzle game in which the player is tasked with combining three or more marine creatures of the same kind in order to protect them from being caught in a fishing nett and progress through the game.

Assistance! assistance! Marine animals are in jeopardy. They get caught in abandoned fishing netts and die as a result. Are you able to assist in rescuing them? Your objective is to switch to create a set of three or more marine creatures that are identical to one another in order to remove blocks and set them free. To obtain power-ups, you need to combine more than three marine organisms of the same kind. You have a limited number of movements to get to the target, so you should work towards accomplishing the level objective in the fewest number of moves possible. If you are unable to continue or if you are feeling frustrated, use enhancers. Make every effort to earn three stars and the highest possible point in this game. You can make additional coins by completing the daily tasks. Playing this game on a regular basis will earn you daily rewards.

Features of Fish Story

  • There are 700 stages in total to be completed.
  • Daily tests to earn additional money, as well as daily rewards consisting of unexpected prizes.
  • Graphics that are both vibrant and set against a stunning aquatic background.
  • Melodies de musique captivantes

How to play

Make your selections with the help of the cursor or the touch control.