Gator Duck Hunt

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About Gator Duck Hunt

The cute animals games category and it is called Gator Duck Hunt so of course that it will have ducks in the center of attention as main characters. This game is a part of the fun marathon of online games.

Gator Dad and Gator Baby are both hungry. Right now, we need to get something to eat. In the lake, there are ducks. And Daddy Gator and the baby will be able to eat it.

Help both gators get all the duck by solving puzzles to get to the duck. You must keep in mind that they, too, are going to need something to eat. Because of this, your job in this game for two players will be to take charge of the two gatherers and round up all of the ducks so that the creatures can continue living.

It is essential to keep in mind that throughout this specific round of the game, you will be playing on the side of the gators or alligators, despite the fact that we all adore baby ducks and find them really endearing. Good luck.

How to Play

  • WASD should be used to move the large alligator.
  • Use the arrows to move the young alligator.
  • Free space for jumping