Gods of Defense

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About Gods of Defense

Gods of Defense is a tower defense game with a roguelike gameplay style and randomly generated maps. You get to choose which deity stands atop the temple that is located in the middle of the map. Assaults by waves of tainted foes are being launched on the temple, and with each wave you vanquish, you push the hostile gates further away from the temple, so exposing further ground on the map. When each of the caves has been cleared out, you will have accomplished your goal and won. After successfully fending off a certain number of waves, you will be awarded boons that will provide you with additional towers, bulk improvements, and temporary advantages.

BlueMath is the company that was responsible for developing Gods of Defense.

Browser platforms

  • Online platforms
  • Steam


  • WASD = pan camera
  • QE = rotate camera
  • With the left mouse button, you can navigate the game's menu and use the various weapons.
  • Tab is shorthand for skipping forward and backward in time.
  • Space or P = pause / resume
  • Control-clicking will improve your towers.