Gold Seeker

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About Gold Seeker

Gold Seeker is a new monster version gold digging game. The monster guy is extremely hard working. Mining gold metals and owning them is his job.

In a small green forest, the work of mining rare metals is always going on quietly. Behind the ground are rare metals. Many thieves still pay attention to it.

The fun of Gold Seeker

Learn how to mine gold

Mining metal and gold blocks are as simple as a hook. The character will sit on a specialized vehicle in a metal mining mine. The car is placed on a track. There are 2 big wheels on the left and right sides. Their function is to pull the vehicle to the sides to facilitate metal mining.

The mining process must pay attention to the specified time not much. Quickly reach the required score to pass the level. After each level will multiply the corresponding amount of gold. Use them to equip yourself with some support items such as Bombs, upgrade time, and upgrade metal hooks, ...


  • The new gold digger version creates new excitement.
  • Playable on any platform
  • Play with friends and relatives to get close to each other and have more moments together.


Use the mouse to manipulate the game