Grandma Recipe: Nigiri Sushi

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About Grandma Recipe: Nigiri Sushi

Grandma Recipe: Nigiri Sushi is a game of the girlfriend genre. This is a great mix of cooking and fashion. Traditional flavors will linger in the sushi.

Respectable grandmothers are always a part of many children's childhood memories. The food that nurtures childhood will always be one of the beautiful memories that each of us wants to keep. All will be shown in this game.

Learn about save mode

If you don't know, there will be 2 save modes in Grandma Recipe: Nigiri Sushi:

  • Online save: You can create an account to save online and can continue playing on any other device without fear of data loss.
  • Local save: No need to create an account but will not be able to continue playing on other devices.

Steps to make sushi

Step 1

Under the guidance of Grandma. You will start by choosing the necessary utensils and ingredients to prepare for the cooking. There are too many items, spices, and ingredients that need you to prepare. Quick and quick eyes to be able to complete and win the most stars.

Step 2

It is simpler to arrange what has been prepared before in the specified position on the stove. Prepare ingredients according to grandma instructions.

Step 3

Continued with raw material processing but at higher materials and more stages.

Step 4

When the rice is cooked, we will come to the stage that requires ingenuity and meticulousness. It is a rice roll with previously prepared ingredients into a neat sushi roll along with the attractive appearance of the dish.

Step 5

You will have a lot of fun with this step. The dress of the person serving the food also directly affects the spirit of the person enjoying the food. So let's dress clean and fresh.

Step 6

Decorating the dishes more vividly is your final job. Let's mix colors harmoniously. Highlight the dish. Complete, take photos, and promote the traditional Sushi brand according to grandma recipe!


Manipulate the mouse to play the game