Hexa Blast

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About Hexa Blast

Hexa Blast is a perfect combination of color and hexagonal shape neatly into the appropriate position. Take advantage of your ability to perfect them.

You will receive instructions before playing. Please follow the instructions of the hand on the screen. Hidden inside colorful puzzles waiting for you to answer. After each victory, you will be able to buy the necessary objects to repair and redesign your home. You will get 3 help every time you don't know what to do.

Challenges in the game

The game is not limited to time and you can do it after each incorrect calculation. The initial levels will be relatively easy but the difficulty will increase gradually requiring you to calculate more. Colors and hexagonal arrays will increase. Overcoming it, you will admire your ability.


  • Classic but new style
  • Practice IQ for you
  • Colors suitable for the age of the children participating in the game


Press and hold the mouse for the blocks to put in the right position