Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

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About Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Hidden Cats: Detective Agency is a game to find hidden cute cats. The game supports 3 languages for you to choose from. Let's start the detective work!

Disruptive cats have been hiding everywhere on all the streets. Today we will have to find at least one of the lost cats!! If we can't help our detective character find any cats then your character won't be able to pay the rent for this month!! That's a pretty serious problem!

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Detective work in the game

A carrot detective studio specializing in the search for missing cats is established. The owner of this studio is your character and is accompanied by a cute cat. There will be a series of lists of missing cats. We have to find them. They can take advantage of the color of their fur to hide everywhere without being detected. They can hide behind curtains, shelves of books, characters in the area, and flower pots,...

Look closely! When you have found a cat. Look, you'll see some interesting things happen. The number of hidden cats will increase, and the cats will also take on more colors. Try to find enough quantity. There will be quite a few clues left by careless cats. If you can't find a cat, you can always tap the cat icon below for a hint.


  • Simple but creative comic-style image
  • The whole game is a very logical plot
  • Create curiosity and train high thinking


Use your mouse to search for cats