Mahjong Kitchen

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About Mahjong Kitchen

What exactly is this Mahjong Kitchen thing? Playing mahjong with tiles that, rather than having the traditional symbols, have pictures of food and ingredients in the kitchen is the objective of this game. You won't be cooking mahjong pieces and making food out of them, that much is certain. Instead, the objective of this game is to play mahjong with tiles that depict food and ingredients in the kitchen. Amazing, right?

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The rules

You have to find a way to match two tiles at the same time in order to remove them from the board. You do this by clicking on tiles that are the same and free, which means that there are no other tiles in the way that are blocking a path between them. The objective of this game is the same as the objective of all other games that use this format: you have to remove all of the tiles from the board.

If you want to do a very good job overall and obtain some fantastic rewards, regardless of how challenging later stages get, you should make it a goal to clear the board of all tiles as quickly as you can. We wish you the best of luck, hope you have a wonderful time, and sincerely hope to see you again for much more enjoyment in the future, just as we have always promised to provide you.




Use the mouse.