Mahjong Story 2

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About Mahjong Story 2

Mahjong Story 2 is a game about traditional mahjong cards. Mahjong is no longer a strange genre to many players. Let's play mahjong in this new genre.

Mahjong has a long tradition. In a mahjong table, there are square chess pieces and it has its symbols. Mahjong can have many players. In Mahjong Story 2 you will be the only player. If you have played many types of mahjong before then this game will also be very familiar to you when you play it.

How to play Mahjong Story 2?

Mahjong matching rules

Start with the following guidelines:

  • Tap on a tile to select it. Select two equal tiles to match them.
  • Select tiles that have no tiles above them and on their right or left side.

Passing the tutorial you will receive a gift corresponding to the number of stars you received before. Open the gift and you can collect many mahjong gold coins from the star boxes.

Clear all tiles with the next levels. Note that the mahjong cards are only compatible with each other when they are the same and are not obscured or obstructed by other mahjong cards.

Get more stars in the game

Double faster the matching mahjong pairs you will get the first stars. There will be glittering golden mahjong cards appearing in the next levels. Let's match all mahjong golden tiles to win the level!

If you fail or give up before completing the game you will lose your turn. After playing the specified number of turns in the game you will have to wait a specified amount of time to get the number of turns again and continue the game. The game gradually becomes more exciting when new mahjong cards appear and there are many surprisingly beautiful mahjong shapes. We're sure you'll love them.


Manipulate the mouse to play mahjong story 2