Minigiants io

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About Minigiants io

The multiplayer brawler MiniGiants io is a lot of fun, and it's played from a top-down perspective. Assume command of the game's most formidable combatants to rack up experience points, progress through levels, and compete against other players.

How to play

You can only play as a savage with an ax in your first MiniGiants io game. Damage. After a few games, you can unlock magicians, werewolves, fairies, and others. His only special reward is a 50% stamina boost. Each class has unique weapons, attacks, and characteristics that affect gameplay.

Your character wanders. Move the mouse to move them, click RMB to run, then click LMB to attack. Stay ali


  • Try out a variety of tournaments to determine which one is most suited to you.
  • Attack foes of a lower level than you.
  • Improve the characteristics of your champion.
  • Chests are a good place to look for items.
  • Avoid larger ones

Release Date

September 2021


The multiplayer version of Stabfish2 io was developed by Zytech AI.


  • Engaging and fun gameplay for multiplayer battles
  • Acquire superior equipment and make progress with your character.
  • Characters that can be unlocked and have additional bonuses.
  • Increase the size of your player to absurd proportions.


Click Mouse to direct your weapon
Left-click and right-click to use skills