Monkey Escape

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About Monkey Escape

We now highly recommend Monkey Escape, an online action jumping game with monkeys, to all our website visitors, who will not regret playing this game, as we have made you used to! Monkey Escape is a game in which the player must guide a group of monkeys through a series of increasingly difficult obstacles while collecting bananas and other items along the way. There should be no question in your mind about the fact that Monkey Escape is a game that we have already familiarized you with.

You're going to have to use the monkey to get out of here!

You will be eliminated from the competition if you are captured by the soldiers that are pursuing you from below. You will need to avoid falling leaves and other hazards on the wall of the hole as you hop from wall to wall.

Your score will grow proportionally whenever the monkey you're controlling leaps to a higher level of difficulty. You may get started right away, either on desktop computers or mobile devices, and then stick around to find out what else is coming specifically for you all! Now that you know how simple everything is, you can get started right away, either on desktop computers or mobile devices.


Whenever you want to make a jump, you can either use the mouse or tap on the screen.