Ronaldo Kick n Run

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About Ronaldo Kick n Run

Ronaldo Hit and Run, a new sports 3D game for boys, lets you play football with one of the world's top players.

You and Ronaldo will be in a new 3D environment on Paris's streets, and dear pals can see that Ronaldo, the world's best player, former Real Madrid player, and current Juventus Torino player, will need your help to gain a lot of points, because this is a new online 3D runner game for boys. Ronaldo has a unique adventure and challenge on our website.

In this new challenge, you and Ronaldo will run through Paris with the ball at your feet. You'll have to help Ronaldo run as fast as possible and make as many shots as possible because you'll have different targets on the walls and obstacles in front of you. It's a Subway Surfers-inspired football game, so you'll have to dodge all the dangers and obstacles while collecting all the golden coins.

Even though it's hard, the world's best football player has given you this new 3D game for boys. Run, avoid roadblocks, fire your balls in the targets, and see how far you can go with Ronaldo. We're sure you'll have a great time and see how much fun you can have with all your friends, and we'll keep bringing you 3D football games with Ronaldo or other world-class players. Have joy!


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