Royal Society

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About Royal Society

Come face to face with the unknowable and let yourself get swept up in the spirit of daring exploits!

You can become a powerful member of the Royal Society by bringing wealth to your family's business.

You will be sent an envelope by the postman in the evening that has a picture of a proud owl on the reverse of it. You haven't seen this seal in a very long time, possibly not even since you left for Europe. It's been a very long time.

Katherine has been responsible for a number of discoveries, however the Royal Society has not yet acknowledged her accomplishments. Miss.

You have been invited to visit your parents' home, which is an estate known as Diamond Falls, by your cousin Donald. It is in this place that the parent instills in his children an insatiable hunger for knowledge

There is a lot to look forward to, including the following:

What an intriguing course of events! The amount of time spent traveling and exploring is commensurate with an honorary membership in the Royal Society.

Plough the field, raise the animals, and bring in an unprecedented harvest!

Create and put it together! The more workshops you establish, the more investigation you will be able to carry out.

Acquire the valuable heritage materials and the expeditions necessary to utilise them so that production can increase.

Transactions! Bring first-rate items to the farms and communities that are located in the surrounding area! Gain the people of Diamond Falls' trust so that they will respect your authority.

Exciting minigames, a variety of varied tasks, interesting narratives, and much more!


INFINITE developed Royal Society.

Release Date

March 27, 2023


  • Graphics in vivid three dimensions.
  • There are many kinds of things that can be made and sold.
  • Participation in online multi-player games
  • Intuitive controls
  • There are many responsibilities to fulfill.


To play, you will need to use your mouse.