Skiing Fred

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About Skiing Fred

Skiing Fred may be played for free online. The main character of Fred Snowboarding is a fan of snowboarding and other winter sports. In the game Skiing Fred, you may rack up points by dodging obstacles like penguins, meteorites, and more. Unlock new ski gear for Fred so he can avoid Death and Scythe while you progress through the game.

Skiing tips Fred?

With skullies (golf coins), you can buy or unlock more than 20 playable characters. Customize Fred, his snowboard, heats, and scarves. Spending money on the Shield, Early start, Fall safe, and Clover boosters can help you last longer in the game. Complete all four worlds of Skiing Fred and enjoy all its fascinating and sparkling features.

Release Date

First released in May 2013 (iOS), June 2013 (Android), and July 2019 (WebGL).


  • Challenge and help pals.
  • Select 20 cartoon skins.
  • Daily gifts.
  • Enhanced shop.
  • Vibrant low poly 3D visuals.
  • The game is fresh with dozens of traps and foes.
  • Customize and equip your character.


  • Space – Jump/turbo speed
  • Arrow keys – Move