Stick Defenders

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About Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders is a combination action and fusion game in which players must combine stickman units to create more powerful units in order for those units to successfully defend their base from various enemy phases. Combine identical gunmen, improve your offensive capabilities, beef up your defenses, and do much more all at the same time. There are also entertaining optional activities, such as "spinning the wheel," in which you can win unexpected objects that will assist you in becoming stronger and opening up new options. It is imperative that you put your abilities to use against the swarm of foes that is closing in on you as soon as their cooldowns expire so that you do not become overrun by them. In Stick Defenders, how long can you keep the fort you've built up?

Who created Stick Defenders?

According to our source, TinyDobbins developed Stick Defenders.

PC, Web browser
On a mobile device

Release Date
May 18, 2022

Html5 technology makes it lag-free on all devices.
2D action-packed fun

How to play
Use the mouse