Tetranoid io

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About Tetranoid io

You must control your paddle in the interesting multiplayer Pong and Breakout game Tetranoid io to eliminate every other player. This game will present you with a challenge and a competition you won't be able to turn down, even if you've already played Atari Breakout and thought it was already challenging enough.

The mechanics

In this game, you must eliminate the other three players on the screen rather than the blocks that have been placed above your paddle. How do you do that? Make an effort to hit your ball such that it touches the goals of your opponents. Each player has three lives, thus the game is over if one of the four balls touches your goal three times. Playing Tetranoid IO is entertaining!


  • Free and no download required
  • Loved by many players since its launch
  • On your iPad, Laptop, or smartphone, use any browser to begin the game.
  • Attractive color sound

How to play

Use the arrows and click mouse