Wild Animal Care and Salon

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About Wild Animal Care and Salon

Wild Animal Care and Salon is animal care game in a wild forest. The forest will become fresher every day. Let's create a healthy lifestyle for animals.

The animals have not been domesticated. They won't be able to take care of themselves. But don't worry about this. You can still act as the owner of a wildlife salon in the game. They will be very docile and gentle under your care. Love them and do the best you can as a pet sitter.

Game experience

The ability of you

You are a beautiful girl. Do not hesitate to make everything around you more beautiful and clean. During a trip to a wild forest. You have met wild animals and experienced their lack of cleanliness. You have decided to open a salon to take care of and beautify them.

Your job

There are no animals that can make it difficult for you. You'll start with dry leaves, branches, and other objects clinging to their rough coat or skin. Use soap to bath them. Use cleaning water. Next is the most important step. Use a magnifying glass to catch all the bad bacteria that cling to them. Apply the medicine to their wounds. Bandage, apply on the swelling. Undergo x-ray review. Let's give them a bone graft. Feed them and restore their health.

After they recover, there will be many other jobs and many other animals waiting for you. Their lifestyle can be changed by you. That is awesome and fun! The animals will come to love you more and their health will improve better thanks to your magic hand.


Use your mouse to take care of these adorable animals.