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About Worms.Zone

Try a familiar game for children which is Worms.Zone. This game is about a worm that likes to eat fruit. Fruit is a large source of energy raising this worm.

Not too different from other hunting snake games. Worms.Zone can play online with many other players around the world. In the arena, the competition is always extremely fierce. Large worms will kill small worms. Can you develop and exist in this worm zone? This depends on you.

The law of survival in Worms.Zone

When you are an adult worm, you will be patient to eat lots of bread, sandwiches, mushrooms, fruits ... to nurture yourself. Avoid stabbing into other worms. Because when you stab the opponent, you will die and turn into another food chain. The map will also be limited by 4 walls when you crash them into them, you will receive the same consequences.

There will be many other support for you such as Infinity, Time, Treasure Hunter, and Tricky Blocks. Take advantage of them smartly to become the last survivor.


Use the mouse to control your worms and pay attention to the map, to have the best options to win.