Battle of Orcs

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About Battle of Orcs

Battle of Orcs is not only our most recent and exciting addition to the io multiplayer games that you appreciate so much, but it is also a high-quality game that mixes fighting, fantasy aspects such as orcs and other creatures, and great fights in the context of war. In addition, this game is our most recent and exciting addition to the io multiplayer games that you enjoy so much. As a consequence of this, you already have the ideal ingredients necessary to make playing this game a lot of pleasure.

Take part in and win the great Battle of the Orcs.

In this game, you start by giving your name because you are playing against another player. Each of you has a tower that you try to protect while trying to destroy the other player's tower in order to win.

To do this, you will send out orcs and other creatures like skeletons, dragons, and others by tapping on the troops you want to send into fight with the mouse.

Always send out more troops so you can stop your opponents. The more damage you do and how well you do in fight, the stronger troops you will be able to send out.

You should definitely use the money you earn in the game to improve your stats, take on bigger and better players, beat them, and slowly move up the scores to the top! We wish you luck and hope you win, as always.

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Release Date

September 2019


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Jun 30, 2022


Use the mouse